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Whether you are a high school, college or post graduate college student, the importance of learning how to cite your work cannot be ignored. Examiners are very strict about how you get information for academic papers, especially because they want students to refrain from plagiarism. Every learning institution has its own preferred way of citing academic papers. However, the following are the most common citation formats.

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The importance of learning how to cite your work cannot be ignored.


APA stands for the American Psychology Association citation style. It was developed for use in the citation of scientific papers. Here are some tips on how to follow this citation style:

• The paper should have four sections namely: the title, abstract, main body and the references.

• For the in text citations, you will have to use the author date format. This means that the author’s last name and year of publication should appear in the text.

• For the bibliography, you should use the author’s last name, followed by the initials, year of publication, title of the book and the publisher.


This style is commonly used to cite papers in the modern liberal arts and humanities. Here are some of the major guidelines on how to cite using the MLA format:

• The paper format should have no title page, unless you have been asked to do so. However, the paper should be divided into sub sections that match your topic of study.

• When making in text citations, you are supposed to use the parenthesis style whereby you mention the author and the quote, then you include the last name of author and page of the book in brackets.

• On how to cite the bibliography, always follow the last name, first name, book title, publisher, year of publication, and medium of publication format.

How to cite using the Chicago Manual of Style

In this style, your paper is supposed to have a title page, the main body and the bibliography. Here, is a list of other guidelines that should be followed when learning how to cite using the Chicago Manual of Style.

• When making in text citations, use the author and year format.

• For the bibliography, make use of the first name of authors, the last name, title of the book, place of publication, publisher and the year of publication in brackets. Finally, include the page number.

These are some of the general guidelines on how to cite. You should always be keen when citing your academic paper to ensure that it is inline with the provided format. By following these simple guidelines on how to cite, you will always find it easier to write quality academic papers.

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